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Chryse Studio is an independent game studio based in Manila. We love joining game jams, procrastinating sprints, and playing random nonsense multiplayer games. We develop intriguing games as well as provide game development outsourcing. We are open to working with other companies and are always ready to fulfill their game development needs whether it is Development, Art, Design, QA or even all of it.



Chryse was founded in December of 2015, originally called the “Ah Putek!” team during game jams. Co-founders Ronnie Legaspi, Don Bolante, William Dionio was part of the main roster along with 3 others. They developed the initial game for Shots Fired during the Ludum Dare 34 and from then on they proceeded to further enhance and develop the game. The name “Chryse”, which meant the ‘Isle of Gold’, came about when they decided they wanted a name to go by as a team or company.

During 2016, they were one of the finalists for the Global Game Jam with one of their entry and headed to Singapore for Casual Connect 2016 which was their initial exposure as a company to the global community. They were highlighted in Jim Sterling’s (An infamous game critic) new series “Greenlight Goodstuff” as the pilot episode. Through the help of the views garnered from that video they got greenlit and prepared for the next stage of development. They started their plans of growing and took on Paolo De Jesus as one of the founding members. They proceeded to showcase in ESGS Indie Arena with the help of Gwen Foster and there they met their publisher Another Indie Studio at the end of 2016.

By 2017, they had already signed a publishing deal for Shots Fired with Another Indie and hired Elisha Ramos the final roster in the founders of Chryse. From there they proceeded to further enhance the game which grew and became an award-winning game by mid 2017. They had showcased the game around the globe with the help of their publisher and have built a small following.