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Taipei Game Show Photo 1

Taipei Game Show 2018 was one of the highlights for us for the start of this year. It’s one of the largest game shows in Southeast Asia during Q1 of the year. It showcases tons of local and international developers through their Indie Festa which is generally B2B (Business to Business) with a show for the regular consumers B2C (Business to Consumer) which highlights the major exhibitors such as Ubisoft, Playstation, and the like.

To us, all shows are a way to grow our network and meet fans or avid gamers. Join us as we showcase our experience and why this show is one of the shows to be in.

Pre-Taipei Game Show

With our publisher Another Indie Studio, we applied for Taipei Game Show around October last year. We got accepted for both B2B and B2C with a room for 2 just for Shots Fired. There wasn’t much that we needed to apply for it, just the game and the names of the people who will be showcasing the game in Taipei.

Lodging is provided for 3 days which is for B2B but you’re free to extend your stay though the extension will be coming from your pocket (Which in our opinion is a great idea! The longer stay in Taiwan that is). The Philippines (Where we’re from) also has a no-visa required travel to Taiwan which is temporarily but it is generally easier to get a Taiwanese visa, plus the city is affordable in itself (a 20k budget is a whole lot for 2 with some partying on the side)

There isn’t much we needed to prepare before the journey began (Just always check the weather and bring some warm clothes) and it was pretty smooth. Though we recommend always getting an invitation letter that includes your lodging details from the event host, they’re always ready to help anytime; The earlier your request the better, take it from us.

The B2B Game Show

Taipei Game Show Photo 2

We arrived in Taipei a day before the show begins in order to look around the city which also means Ingress for the B2B show which is always from 2PM to 5PM. You won’t need to spend much if you’re the thrifty kind since the lodging (As far as we know) has always been at Green World Hotel, Zhonhua which is directly beside Ximending Night Market as well as near Ximen MRT station.

The next day, we left early for the final preparation at 9am since the doors open at 10am. You’re free to walk around the Indie Festa area as that’s the only floor open during the first 2 days of TpGS. You’ll be surrounded with tons of indie developers from different countries as well as tons of publishers and investors which we believe is what some of you need (If you’re in this kind of work).

The show location is beside a few malls and Taipei 101 which has a great view of the city. So, if you’re wondering what to do when you’re bored feel free to walk around. The whole area is connected by walkways from mall to mall.

Taipei Game Show Photo 3

We recommend staying by your booth, as people from different companies will surely approach you asking for a quick chat about their company portfolio which generally means that they’re an investor / publisher / marketing team / localization team. Getting to know fellow colleagues in the industry is great too, you’ll never know if you may meet the next big studio. Don’t forget the usual Networking party after the show, you can ask the organizers if you haven’t received the details for the event.

The B2C Show

Taipei Game Show Photo 4

On the 3rd day of the show, the floors for the B2C area officially opens up for the public at 10am as well. The show caters to all consumers with major exhibitors such as Ubisoft, Playstation, Sega and a lot more. There is also an area allocated to indie festa exhibitors which I consider an honor if you get accepted to the B2C show.

A quick warning, the location gets totally packed with people. Expect tons of people playing random games and doing their thing near the exhibitors area. This is also the time to see how the general public reacts to your game, a great help in learning what to improve upon.

Why Taipei Game Show?

Taipei Game Show Photo 5

Aside from the obvious reasons that Taipei City is a very convenient city to go to with tons of great food. The experience and network that you can build in this show is one of the best as well. This is especially true if you are a mobile games developer. Southeast Asia has always been a major mobile games market and it shows in the game show with tons of publishers checking if your game is mobile.

If you’re thinking of showcasing your game internationally, this is one way to start. We highly recommend attending it. We’ve met some cool people from different sides of the globe in this event and we consider them close friends if not colleagues that enjoy partying every single day of the event.

The city itself has tons of places to visit and things to try out, one we recommend is Jiufen (Spirited Away’s village town inspiration from Studio Ghibli) it’s a train and a bus ride away from the main city. So, if you do have plans to head for Taipei Game Show 2019 we’ll be seeing you there! Don’t forget to say “Hey!”.