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Waddup peeps. Ya boi Will is back with another awesome Shots Fired segment! This time, we’ll be talking about the most important tool every assassin must have: the phone!

The phone is the very heart and soul of Shots Fired. It’s you main source for information, travel and income. It’s where you conduct your business (not the one in the bathroom) and deal with clients in your job as both a photojournalist and assassin. The phone is littered with a plethora of useful apps that will make your assassin journey a more comfortable experience.

Before we dive in to some of the phone’s uses, let me give you all a little background as to why we decided to use it as a central hub. In the earlier version of Shots Fired, there was actually no phone! Initially we had a desktop that ran on the OS Doors ’16

Best OS ever

This was during the simpler days of Shots Fired where there was no travel system yet. You’d just go onto the job market called, then select a target and kill him/her/it. When we decided to add a travel system to the game, we wanted something that you can use both inside and outside your house. Unfortunately, it’s not really practical to bring a desktop everywhere you go. We needed something more portable and convenient for the main character to bring around in his work and that’s when we made the switch to the phone!

Now that I’ve shared a little background about the phone with you all, let’s dig in and see what your phone is capable of!


Walking? Ew. Ain’t nobody got time for that. In Shots Fired, you cruise through flat earth in a sweet ass ride by using an Uber-esque app called “Tsuper” (pronounced choo-pear with a rolling r)! Wondering what the app name means? It’s actually a Filipino term for “driver”. We decided to name it that way to add a little bit of Filipino spice to the game.

By using the app, you get to cruise around the world for the wonderful price of $10 per trip! That’s like, 10 coffees-to-go from a certain popular coffeehouse chain that will not be named. Why is it expensive you ask? Didn’t they teach you flat earth geography in school?

Online Shopping!

Too lazy to put on some pants and go to the store to buy stuff? Do you dread the idea of having human interaction with the cashier upon checkout? Then fear no more ’cause your phone’s got a creatively named app called “The Shop” which is totally not an imitation of Amazon!

It’s basically an online store where you can buy useless junk that you don’t probably need anyway! But hey, at least you’ll have a sweet ass looking pad at the end. And the best thing is, no pesky shipping fees! So convenient!

Keep a close eye on those ads though. You might find and download something interesting!

Stalking Your Ex

Got nothing interesting going on with your life right now? Want to feel like complete utter crap? Don’t worry! Your phone is there to make sure you get updated with what your ex is doing and how better his/her/its life is without you 24/7!

You can do all of the above with a nifty Instagram parody app called Instanoods! Why’s it called Instanoods? That’s ’cause the developers of the app love instant noodles! If you think you like the app and want to help out the devs, feel free to send noods! The app allows you to view pictures uploaded by numerous users to the Instanoods servers. The pictures last only for a week though! After that, they’re gone! Also, keep a close eye on your mobile data. If you ever reach your cap, you can always buy mobile data packages from The Shop!

Also, please don’t be this guy. It’s creepy as hell.

Getting $$$

Perhaps the most useful function of your phone is that it’s your moneymaking machine. You basically have two apps in your phone where you can earn money, both legally and illegally.

The legal way of earning money is through the Fuzzbeed app where they pay you to shoot people (with a camera of course)! In the app, you can select different jobs where you need to take pictures of certain people or things. You gotta be quick though. As a journalist, you got deadlines and no photo = no pay.

The shadier way of earning money is through Huntr where you legit shoot people (with a rifle!) and they die. You swipe left to cycle through the mission pool and swipe right to accept one. You’ll then match with your client where they’ll give you a short briefing of the mission. It’s like the Tinder dating app, but deadlier!

You get more bang for the buck (heh) this way but there are a lot of risks involved. Performing a Huntr mission takes up a lot of time. Failing a mission is like basically wasting an entire day. Your problems don’t end there though as you still need to evade the cops once you’ve shot someone (or something). This gets even harder and harder the more Huntr missions you do (because who’d want a bloodthirsty murderer on the loose?). But hey, you get a sweet ass Huntr rating that shows you how much of a badass Huntr you really are!


Aaaand that’s pretty much it! I’d tell you some more useful stuff the phone does but then you’ll know too much and I’ll be forced to put a job posting on Huntr just to get rid of ya! I kid lol. Stay tuned for the next blog!